Making a positive impact with everything

By having sustainability as an integral part of its business model, EQT and the portfolio companies can identify and capture value creation opportunities as well as mitigate risks. In doing so, EQT will drive change and play an active role in developing regenerative solutions needed for the future.

About future-proofing companies

EQT’s focus and ambitions related to ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) matters have been set based on an analysis of the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and through engagement with EQT’s stakeholders.

EQT subsequently formulated its sustainability framework in three focus areas: Clean & Conscious, Diversity & Upskilling and Transparency & Accountability. Furthermore, the area of Innovation & Partnerships has been identified as an enabler to achieving the targets and ambitions.

Organizational resources
To integrate and advance EQT's responsible investment and ownership practices within the organization, EQT has a dedicated Sustainability team focusing on how EQT can lead by example. The Sustainability team works in close liaison with the entire organization, promotes sustainability awareness internally, follows up on the EQT Sustainability Blueprint together with business lines and engages with external stakeholders on sustainability aspects. In addition, all EQT business lines have Sustainability Ambassadors appointed to ensure complete dissemination of sustainability knowledge and best practice within the Advisory Teams.

EQT's sustainability resources frequently engage with and support portfolio companies on specific sustainability projects, and portfolio companies are encouraged to share best-practices. For example, EQT hosts sustainability workshops for portfolio companies in selected geographies, focusing on the sustainable development agenda and societal impact. The events offer an opportunity to share experiences and best practices and to network. The sustainability resources, in cooperation with other specialist functions, are also available as sounding boards for the portfolio companies.

Integrating sustainability into investments and ownership
EQT strives to instill sustainable business solutions and practices in all companies EQT invests in, from start-ups to mature companies. EQT applies responsible investment and ownership principles and practices as an integral part of each phase of the investment and value creation process. This extends from thematic sourcing to conducting thorough sustainability-focused due diligence to accelerate positive impact as an investor and owner.