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EQT Future

An impact-driven fund, with a proven PE model at its core

EQT Future in short

  • EUR 400m and above Investment range
  • 1 Closed investment
  • 7 Investment Advisory Professionals

Transforming mature market leaders for impact at scale

Investing in downside protected, mature, market-leading companies, with the potential to transform entire industries

Fully integrated into the Private Capital platform, EQT Future invests in downside protected, mature market leaders with high profitability and cash generation, while seeking to achieve impact through the products and services the companies deliver. EQT Future sets highly ambitious, objective, and measurable targets on how the business is operated, linking parts of carried interest to such targets, and aligning financial interests.

By moving beyond "doing less harm", EQT Future addresses today’s global challenges to achieve impact at scale while delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns. By applying its impact toolbox, including rigorous management and measurement tools and the use of Impact Advisors and Mission Board, EQT Future builds on sustainability expertise by adding next level impact thinking.

EQT Future is a doubling down on sustainability by focusing on two overarching themes:

  • Climate & Nature
  • Health & Wellbeing

Impact Toolbox

EQT Future utilizes its Impact Toolbox which covers the entire investment process and holding period, in order for all of its portfolio companies to achieve asset-specific and portfolio-level KPIs;

  • Reduction of GHG emissions using the Science Based Targets
  • Improved employee wellbeing through industry top-quartile eNPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Increased gender diversity where progress will be tracked towards a 50 percent split within the top 20 percent of earners in each company

The EQT Future Advisory Team is empowered and works fully integrated with the firm’s entire platform with support from EQT’s in-house sustainability and digitalization teams, the global sector teams, and EQT’s extensive advisory network.

The EQT Future Mission Board, co-chaired by Paul Polman and Jacob Wallenberg, brings a broad spectrum of expert competences and provides strategic direction with a clear focus on the purpose and impact thesis of each of the fund’s investments.

In addition, EQT Future has lined up four high caliber Impact Advisors who participate as EQT advisors in the investment process, including providing an investment memo to EQT Future Partners’ Investment Committee as well as challenging the investment advisor team on impact throughout the holding period.

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