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EQT Public Value

Private equity mindset to public markets

EQT Public Value in short

  • Up to EUR 5bn in market cap
  • 11 No. of portfolio companies
  • 18 Investment Advisory Professionals

A thematic, active and purpose-driven owner

Applying a collaborative "constructivist" approach to publicly-listed mid-market companies in Northern Europe

EQT Public Value applies a private equity investing approach to the public markets by building significant influence positions in publicly-listed companies in the Northern European mid-cap space. The strategy targets undervalued, quality businesses and helps them realize their full performance potential by joining the Board of Directors and implementing value creation plans from behind the scenes. The primary value creation approach is to be a collaborative “constructivist” owner, supporting management and thereby creating sustainable long-term value for shareholders.

The EQT Public Value Advisory Team

The EQT Public Value strategy targets companies within the Services, Healthcare, TMT and Industrial Technology sectors, where EQT has significant experience and extensive networks. The ambition is to be the leading European constructivist investor in the mid-cap space.

The EQT Public Value Advisory Team is based in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, London and New York. With its strong sector knowledge combined with a "local-with-locals" presence, the team is strongly positioned to identify attractive investment opportunities and add value to portfolio companies through hands-on ownership.

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EQT Public Value team