Portfolio Insights

EQT Infrastructure

Investing in companies that provide essential services to society

EQT has a passion for sustainability and future-proofing companies that provide essential services to society. To us, sustainability is not just the business we are in, it is also the lens through which we view the world, and our place in it.

EQT Infrastructure's investments in companies like First Student, Torghatten, Cypress Creek, InstaVolt, Covanta, and SolarPack help drive the energy transition and power the circular economy. Learn more below about how the portfolio companies help improve environmental sustainability in their respective sectors.

First Student

There’s nothing more local than a yellow school bus. EQT has partnered with First Student, the largest school bus operator in North America, to help decarbonize its fleet, converting traditional diesel school buses to electric for the benefit of our communities and the environment. EQT sees yellow, thinks green.

Learn more about EQT and First Student’s electrification ambitions.


EQT acquired Torghatten, Norway’s leading ferry company, to help decarbonize its fleet and reduce its fossil fuel dependence. EQT is proud to support the company's transition to renewable fuel sources, including the development of green hydrogen vessels and its operation of the world’s largest all-electric ferry on Norway’s busiest route.

Learn more about Torghatten’s all-electric ferries, they are clean and quiet, producing no exhaust — you will only hear the seagulls overhead.

Cypress Creek

Cypress Creek, EQT's first U.S. renewable energy platform, owns one of the largest operating solar portfolios in the U.S. The company’s solar plants provide clean energy to thousands of American homes and businesses.

Learn more about how EQT helps increase U.S. solar production.


EQT helps Solarpack accelerate the rollout of new photovoltaic power plants in sunny Spain and around the world, supporting the company’s mission to provide clean and affordable energy for all.

Learn more about EQT and Solarpack’s work to universalize access to solar energy.


Supported by EQT, InstaVolt, one of the U.K.’s leading rapid EV charging operators, plans to accelerate its rollout of charge points to a network of 10,000 rapid EV chargers by 2032.

Learn more about EQT and InstaVolt’s efforts to enable the U.K.’s journey to net zero through mass adoption of EVs.


EQT-backed Covanta turns your garbage into clean energy. Every year, Covanta keeps 21 million tons of waste out of landfills. That’s a six-lane traffic jam of garbage trucks backed up from NY to LA. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of removing 4 million cars from the road.

Learn more about how Covanta works towards a more sustainable tomorrow.